I'm interested in evolutionary algorithms and computation, computer vision, deep learning, optimization, and much more! I'll be using this page to talk about the research that I do, and talk a bit about some papers that I enjoyed reading.

I've worked at Capital One, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Steelcase, and a few other places. If you'd like to hear more about my experiences or specifics about some projects, please view my resume or ask me directly!

One of my biggest projects is the Automated Algorithm Design(AAD) group. We're a group of students at Georgia Tech that focus on using evolutionary algorithms for creating an AutoML framework, basically using the algorithms to find the right machine learning models for any problem, then optimizing those models. If you'd like to learn more please visit the team page!

Unfortunately, most of the work done under the AAD group is proprietary and not open source. However, the underlying concepts and research surrounding the group is open for everyone. To help facilitate learning and discussion on this more niche research topic, I've created some open source "labs" to act as exercises for people to learn more on evolutionary algorithms. The list of labs can be found here.

For more involved projects and topics, I try to write a paper or tech report of the results. While these papers aren't published anywhere, aren't peer reviewed, and are not nearly polished enough to be taken seriously, they do represent my efforts and thoughts. The list of the papers can be found here.

I read a lot of research papers both for work and out of my own personal interests. I'm of the belief that in order to demonstrate true understanding of a topic, you have to be able to explain it to other people. So I'll be writing summaries of these papers and putting my own thoughts on the findings as well. The list of the summaries can be found here.

I'm also really proud of another project that's coming soon! Stay tuned! If you're impatient, feel free to look at some of the other projects I've done in my portfolio.